These are various bits of java to do different things. If you are unable to see them in your browser, you may need the java plug-in. Also, several are written using the java 3d which requires an additional install. There are also a couple using the java media framework. Nothing very complicated but some are pretty and might perhaps good for a couple minutes entertainment. Also, some use Log4j for output.

Detach Test

This is probably my favorite; it shows a bunch of java3d color cubes rotating around a central point. The program was written to demonstrate a java3d bug dealing with the removal of objects from the scene, but it allows you to alter to rotations and seeing the patters that are formed can be fascinating.

Transformation Test

This is a demonstration of basic usage of the java2d affine transformations. I was having trouble using them in one of my programs and so I wrote this to understand them better. Though you can't see it this also demonstrates another convenience class I wrote which just displays components either as an applet or a program depending on how it is run. (If you were to look at the source the applet is called ComponentViewer and it takes an argument, component_1, with a value of ScaleTest. ScaleTest is a subclass of panel which is what you are actually seeing.)

This program is perhaps one of the prettiest and it should work with nothing other than the java plug-in installed.

Label Spin Test

While working on another program I was having trouble with the JLabel class. It worked fine under regular conditions, but if the font used was derived from another font passed through an affine transformation then it miscomputed the bounds and the label would get removed from the layout.

This is a class that allows the rotation for the text to be set and sets the correct bounds.

Axes Test

This is a convenience class I wrote to make it quicker to add a set of axes to a java3d scene.

Line Test

I wanted to be able to change the color of a java3d line at run time and this is a simple test of that ability showing a 2d star which can be changed in part or in whole to black.

Behavior Test

This is a test of a java3d behavior I was working on to orbit behavior a certain point. It is designed to control the camera, but this has a stationary camera and allows you to move a set of axes around a sphere. It was easier to see if it was working from this perspective.

Translation Test

This is another java3d bug report program. It shows a simple satellite orbiting a sphere. A jitter appears and gets progressively worse as the translation away from the sphere gets greater and greater. It looks suspiciously like a loss of precision error and does not affect programs unless they have translations in the millions of meters (like missile flight simulations.)


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