This program is controlled completely by the mouse. Each action if done in a specific box will affect only that star, but if done in the space between boxes will affect them all.

Click will toggle the running. If it is running it will stop and vice versa.

Alt-Click will change the type of stroke used to draw the star and bounds.

Ctrl-Click will change the number of lines in a star (sometime this is changed randomly to the same number it had before, but it dos change.)

Shift-Click will change the angle that the star turns each time it changes. (Thus speeding or slowing its spin.)

If this isn't working, you can also launch using web start.

This is a demonstration of basic usage of the java2d affine transformations. I was having trouble using them in one of my programs and so I wrote this to understand them better. Though you can't see it this also demonstrates another convenience class I wrote which just displays components either as an applet or a program depending on how it is run. (If you were to look at the source the applet is called ComponentViewer and it takes an argument, component_1, with a value of ScaleTest. ScaleTest is a subclass of panel which is what you are actually seeing.)

This program is perhaps one of the prettiest and it should work with nothing other than the java plug-in installed.

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