1. Combine the shredded bread with water
  2. In another bowl, combine the burghul with water
  3. Allow both to soak for 15 min
  4. Combine drained chickpeas, garlic, onion, spices and lemon juice in food processor
  5. Process until smooth
  6. Drain bread and burghul; squeezing both separately in towels to dry
  7. Add bread to chickpea paste
  8. Process until smooth
  9. Scrape paste into a bowl and add burghul
  10. Season with salt and pepper
  11. Combine mixture with hands
  12. Shape into small balls and arrange on greaseproof paper
  13. Chill for about 2 hours
  14. Heat oil in deep fryer to 375°F (just about smoking)
  15. Deep fry for 4 minutes or until golden brown
  16. Drain on paper towels
  17. Serve with warm Taratoor bi Tahini or Yoghurt and Cucumber Sauce